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The Bikram yoga series is a scientifically designed beginner yoga series performed in a heated room. This dynamic series works your entire body from head to toe. No matter what physical shape you are in or what limitations you believe you have, this yoga is for you. The room is heated to to 105 degrees Fahrenheit for increased blood circulation and to help eliminate toxins through the skin. When the body is warm it creates more movement allowing the practitioner to go deeper into the tighter areas of the body while at the same time, the heat prevents injury. Bikram yoga is also unique in that it uses the tourniquet effect: cutting off circulation to different parts of the body, then releasing fresh, highly oxygenated blood to those same parts; resulting in healing, rejuvenation and revitalization of overworked and stressed joints. Disease cannot exist in highly oxygenated areas.


* Community/Karma Classes – $5 cash only drop in

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